I started working with websites in 2004 when a non-profit that I was involved with needed a webmaster. I volunteered to fill the position, dug out the textbook from an HTML course I had taken in college, redesigned the site, and maintained it for several years. Then, in 2009, I was introduced to Drupal when I helped another organization move their HTML website to Drupal 6. I gained experience as a site admin on that project and formed a strong friendship with the webmaster of that site, the first of many friendships that I would gain as a member of the Drupal community.

Late in 2010 I was laid off from my day job where I coded those phone systems that tell us to Press 1 for this, Press 2 for that. When I was talking with my friend about having to update my IVR skills in order to stay in that field, she suggested that I learn Drupal instead. Hmmm. Here was an opportunity to turn my avocation into my vocation. It was an easy decision. I chose Drupal.

For the last couple of years I’ve been going to Drupal camps and meetups, watching videos, taking courses to learn what can, and then building Drupal 7 websites on a volunteer basis in order to apply my new found knowledge and develop my skills. I’ve learned that Google is my friend, and that the Drupal community is made up of some really great people. I’m having a blast.