My First Blog

Anybody who is going to blog has to have a first blog. So I'll just call it what it is. Sort of like "Hello World". We all have to start somewhere.

So, why am I doing a blog? Why not use my website as a showcase of the work I've done and leave it at that? It would certainly be easier and less time consuming. Here are a few reasons:

  • As a newcomer to Drupal site building, I spend a lot of time using Google to find answers to my questions. Many of those answers came from blogs and I’m always appreciative of the effort that others went through to post the results of their own head banging so that I wouldn’t have to go through the same struggle. By writing my own blog to share the things that I figure out, I’m hoping to be able to do the same for others.
  • I have lots of hand-written notes, “How To” tips, solutions to errors, lists of modules, and all kinds of Drupal related information that I need to organize. Putting it online will a) force me to sort it out in some kind of logical way, b) give me some practice at using taxonomy, and c) perhaps help out another Drupal newbie.
  • I keep hearing that fresh content is the best way to improve SEO rankings, so that’s a really good reason for a blog. At a recent Drupal User Group meeting I asked which modules I should use relative to SEO and I was told "have good content". I went to a seminar about online marketing sponsored by my town and the speaker said "have good content". That seems to be the answer so I'm going to do what I'm told and try to "have good content".

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