CEA-HOW Dallas Intergroup

Back in the mid 90s I volunteered to redesign this group's really ugly HTML site. I pulled out the HTML book from my college class and went to work. Looking back I have to admit that it was still pretty ugly, but it was much more functional. I maintained the site for several years and eventually turned it over to somebody else.

A few months ago I got a call from Dallas (I live in New Hampshire now) letting me know that the group was looking for somebody to maintain their website, they were willing to pay for the service, and they wondered if I would be interested. Wow! Somebody wanted to give me money to work on a website! I agreed to do it, with the understanding that I would convert the site to Drupal first so that it would be easier to maintain.

By using content types for events, meetings, forms, documents, service positions, and a few other things that change on a regular basis, the site provides a way for entering and editing data that a volunteer with a moderate comfort level around computers can master. So it looks like I won't be maintaining it after all. But that's okay because I'm glad that they can do it for themselves; they never would have been able to do maintenance on the website prior to the change to a Drupal application.